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    Spanish/ Spanish Tutor GCSE or A-level

    Do you need a GCSE or A-level Spanish Tutor?

    Spanish GCSE

    Over 15 years’ experience tutoring Spanish.

    Why choose us for a Spanish Tutor?

  • Excellent Grades.
  • Native speakers.
  • Noticeable improvements.
  • Different ways to help improve your Spanish.
  • Improve your sentences, your grammar, your regular and irregular verbs.
  • We are near you.
  • Our lessons

  • After an initial assessment, we show you different material that we can follow.
  • We always help you with your homework.
  • Plenty of verb conjugations as you already know every time you make a sentence you need verbs.
  • We explain the tricky bits.
  • We speak Spanish to you during the lessons, as much as we can.
  • Don´t worry quick English help if you are struggling at any time "don´t even think that we can´t talk English!".
  • Useful Vocabulary and Expressions.
  • We practise exam tests, we listen to audios, we talk in Spanish and we make you talk too.
  • Spanish accent is guaranteed.
  • Our rates

    £30 per hour. (Make sure you are in our coverage area)

    Why do I need a tutor?

    We are going to be very honest with you. You don´t however, a private tutor will support your child's learning and guide them to a better and complete understanding of Spanish.

    Perhaps your child is already doing well in Spanish however, the benefit of having a Spanish tutor could make your child excel with the language. On the other hand, we have some other children that are struggling with basic concepts.

    We are not surprised, an average of 30 children in the class, some schools with supply teachers and/or covers. Children that are struggling lose confidence and interest in learning Spanish the second most spoken language in the world.

    There is a lot of competition for University places and it is extremely tough to get in some of them. This also depends of your chosen degree you must have the knowledge of Spanish if you want to get it in. Check yourself University and degrees.

    A-Levels have the power to affect the University you attend, so getting good predicted and actual grades at AS Level and A2 Level is crucial. Putting in the effort now can greatly improve your chances of getting offers from top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.Some students facing their final years of school benefit from some extra assistance. Due to the increased complexity of A-Levels, your student could benefit from having a Spanish tutor.

    When do I need a tutor?

    This depends on the individual needs of the student. Sometimes a tutor is hired once a week, twice a week, one hour or several hours. Sometimes, a couple of months before exams to aid revision. What do you recommend? I don´t know your child and all are completely different, however I prefer consistency and dedication against rushing and leave it all for the last minute. However, as you know your child you will probably know if your child is consistent and can work on his/her own or needs a bit more reassurance.

    Do I need to learn Spanish?

    You don´t but if you do perhaps Spanish can open doors to many other countries and job opportunities around the world. Some students are hesitant to put their knowledge of a language into practice, we understand it can be embarrassing to learn a language for the first time or to speak a bit more than the usual in class with your peers. However, practicing Spanish with us and following our advice is what will ultimately lead you to fluency.

    So how can you help me with Spanish?

    As a summary a part of all the above said we can improve:

  • Your Speaking.
  • Your Understanding.
  • Your comprehension and reading.
  • Your Writing.
  • Can improve your Spanish GCSE grades.
  • Can improve your Spanish A-Level result.
  • Can you help me? But, I don´t want any tutoring.

    Yes, we can in our blog you will find a lot of good explanations and all of them can help you in different areas and here you can see some of those links:

    La familia y su comida - audio

    El pretérito imperfecto - Full examples everything in Spanish

    Spanish Prepositions

    Spanish adjectives

    There are many more, check the blog and practise with our examples"

    I have also listed another two good links below that can help your studies:

    GCSE, AS/A2, IB and international equivalent levels

    You can also register with Kerboodle and you will acccess to their Spanish resources on-line



    Terms and Conditions for Spanish Private Tuition


    The fees are payable before we start the lessons.

    The fees are non-refundable.

    The customer should advice us within 12 hours time if they wish to cancel a lesson otherwise we reserve the right to charge the lesson.

    If for any reason we have to cancel any lesson, you will be informed and another session will be offered.

    We reserve the right to substitute teachers should the need arise.

    We offer Public Liability Insurance and all our teachers are DBS checked.

    Latest update: July 2020

    Interested to start with us? Go ahead and talk with us on the contact page. We'll be pleased to answer you    .